During the Congress, outside the venue, you will be able to visit an exhibition of innovative machinery with the most advanced systems and the latest technology in the provision of public services. We also invite you to enjoy the virtual display of the exhibition that will be available during the duration of the Congress.




Another year, we are pleased to continue innovating and leading a market that is increasingly technical and demanding with regard to quality and the environment. In this difficult 2021 we present the new Dulevo D6 model, an evolution of our already well-known Dulevo 6000, which together with a new Can Bus system, which allows automatic parameterization of the sweep configuration for each waste area, also rationalizes the power of the machine in order to improve the consumption of the machine. Our cities deserve every day a better and more efficient maintenance with more moderate costs.

Speedline SLM side loader

The new Speedline SLM rear load collector that combines Terberg’s knowledge and experience in container lifts and Ros Roca’s in the manufacture of compactor boxes. The SLM incorporates two patented solutions, including a system that allows a more precise control of the position of return of the container to the ground, as well as a much friendlier handling of the container. The efficient, completely revamped hydraulic system that is part of the Speedline SLM meets expectations: it combines excellent compaction cycle speed, a high volume hopper and an improved on-the-go compaction function, all for a direct improvement in operating costs.

ICON Side Loading Container

The new ICON side-loading container whose front covers are a perfect space to inform and communicate at an ergonomically correct height and position. A non-slip pedal with 6 mounting positions and ergonomic handle. In addition, it offers a wide field of vision to pedestrians and is the only container with two protected and isolated areas from waste and liquids with easy access from the sides of the lid to be able to install all electronic systems in a safe, practical and convenient way. an optimal position from an ergonomic point of view. Optionally, there is the possibility of installing the ACL closure integrated to the container that is located on the side of it, which makes contact with the waste and with the user impossible.

Comprehensive system to control the use of urban waste containers

Facilitates their tasks to all parties involved in managing them:

  • the citizens
  • cleaning and maintenance services
  • municipal technicians

Efficient electronic locks with bidirectional communication with the own management platform, and with batteries powered by solar panels.

The installation of a control system for the use of containers is the most direct and efficient way of raising awareness among citizens of the importance of separating waste at source.



Those attending Recuwaste who wish to do so will be able to take the guided tour of the Maresme Integrated Waste Recovery Centre.

Visitors will take part in an explanatory and detailed tour of the Centre. They will visit the Green Sphere, an innovative audio-visual installation that shows how to work towards a paradigm shift in waste management. Also included in the visit is the 4D Simulator, a singular and unique installation due to its characteristics, typical of a theme park, which shows in first person and in a spectacular way the route that waste takes inside a treatment plant, as well as getting to know in depth a plant that has the latest technologies and which provides a service to 1 million inhabitants.

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The Mataró Maresme Circular Park, is the tractor project of Maresme Circular, the brand of the Maresme Waste Consortium to promote new models of production and consumption aligned with the climate objectives, the SDG and the strategies of the circular economy.

The Park will generate a circular ecosystem in the 2-hectare plot of land owned by the Consortium in the city of Mataró.

It will be a unique and innovative facility, a pioneer in Europe, which will house a space for the general public (Remake Area), with self-repair services, a library of things, a scrap store, a second-hand shop, and assessment and advice on the prevention of waste, among other activities. There will also be a Bulky Waste Plant with robotic facilities for selection and preparation for reuse.


The remaining 15,000 square metres are destined for technological and industrial activities from the private sector and a 2,500 metre building (Maresme Circular Hub) for open innovation, entrepreneurship and the digitalisation of circular solutions in the management of resources, with an incubator for circular economy projects.